NO. 880

Learning from the Legislative Yuan

The TKU Student Association recently organized a trip to the Legislative Yuan of the Republic of China. The purpose of the visit was to allow students to gain a deep understanding of how the national legislative body operates and how formal meetings and procedures are effectively carried out. In total, 80 students attended the field trip, including leaders of TKU student clubs and students from TKU's Lanyang Campus.

The visit consisted of a tour of the Legislative Yuan, a viewing of an introductory video on the Legislative Yuan, a tour of the ROC Control Yuan, and a description of the administrative processes at the Legislative Yuan provided by legislator Wu Yu-Sheng's secretary, Wang Jie-Zheng.

The President of the TKU Student Association, Liu Shu-yu, said that during the field trip he learned a lot of important and practical lessons. For example, in administrative conferences, instead of dealing with random issues and enquiries, "a system of ordering issues for discussion into distinct categories would be more effective".

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