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Talking Olympics and Culture

Tang Zong-Hsun, a consultant at BOP Taipei and alumnus of the Department of Mass Communication, recently came to TKU’s Tamsui Campus to deliver a special lecture on “The London Olympics”. In the lecture, he observed that “England is a country that shows innovation as well as tolerance and a sense of responsibility. Very few societies, he explained, could embrace both the royal family – the ultimate symbol of monarchy and social hierarchy – with a widely prevalent “punk” culture.

Tang also compared the London Olympics with the 2008 Beijing Olympics. He noted that while the Beijing Olympics was a visual spectacle, the London Olympics was an incredible show that combined popular culture with historical insights.

First year exchange student, Xie Xiaoshan, from Mainland China, said that after listening to the lecture, she now has a better understanding of the theme and format of the London Olympics and really likes the style in which England chose to present the Olympics.

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