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Environmental Evaluation at Tamkang

TKU recently entered the second phase of the 1st National Environmental Education Award, a new initiative by the Executive Yuan Environmental Protection Administration. As part of this "second phase", on Feb 27 a group of assessment "commissioners" came to inspect the Tamsui Campus and learn how Tamkang teaches students to protect the environment.

The evaluation began with a briefing, hosted by the President of Tamkang University, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang. President Chang explained that for many years TKU has promoted environmental education using principles of Total Quality Management (TQM). Its efforts have lead to recognition and praise. For example, in 2008 TKU became the first university in the world to be named an International Safe School (by WHO). Tamkang won the 19th National Quality Award, and, for two successive years has received the ROC Private Enterprise Environmental Award. More recently, it also obtained accreditation from the recognized standard of occupational health and safety, OHSAS 18001.

In the presentation that followed, the Dean of General Affairs, Dr. Shiaw-Shyan Luo, gave real examples of TKU's environmental education in practice. He pointed to Tamkang's "low-carbon lunch boxes", measures for saving water and electricity, the installation of heat pump water heaters at TKU dorms, and a new initiative to promote the use of public transport. He mentioned TKU's slogan: "Lifestyle is education; everyone plays a part"; and cited ways in which Tamkang staff have led by example. For instance, on one occasion, when bed frames at TKU dorms were replaced with new ones, the old bed frames – instead of being disposed of – were used to form partitions between workstations at the Extracurricular Activity Guidance Section. Another example: students created hand-made models to promote eating less meat and more vegetables.

The guests were then taken on a tour of the campus, where they got to observe the water-free urinal installations at the College of Business and Management, the clearly marked pedestrian walkway running through the campus, the office partitions made from reused bed frames, and many other environmentally friendly campus facilities.

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