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Music Glory for Two Tamkang Clubs

The TKU Chinese Music Club and Wind Ensemble Club took part in the Northern Taiwan finals of the National 2012 – 2013 Student Music Contest on March 3 – 4. Out of 14 competing teams in Group B, the Chinese Music Club was awarded first place. Meanwhile, from 19 university teams in Group B’s large ensemble category, the Wind Ensemble Club produced a remarkable effort, receiving an Award for Outstanding Performance and placing fourth behind leading universities such as National Taiwan University, National Cheng Chi University, and National Tsing Hwa University.

The Chinese Music Club sent 14 members to take part in this year’s contest. The members chose to play a piece known as the “New Sound of Sizhu”, which contains music characteristic of the Jiangnan area in China, with its small bridges and flowing rivers. The number is lively and mellifluous; it possesses depth. The leader of the Chinese Music Club, Li Ming-Chieh, said that “this is the club’s best ever result in a contest! We practiced for a really long time. Thank you all members for your tireless efforts.”

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