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A Seminar on Total Quality Management

This year’s TKU Total Quality Management (TQM) Seminar will be held at the Student Activity Center, Tamsui Campus, on Friday 22nd March. In line with TKU’s “Year of Moral Character” (2013), the seminar will explore how to lift TKU’s standards of service by building excellent moral character among staff members.

TKU’s Chief Audit Executive, Dr. Di-Ching Pai, said that the seminar will include a special lecture by well-known author, Tom Wang (Wang Wen-Hwa) on the topic “Five Secrets for Providing Inspiring Service”. Dr. Pai explained that “quality” is a vital element of life, whether it be in the workplace or in one’s general lifestyle. Through the seminar, he hopes to enhance staff members’ perspectives on service quality.

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