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A Touching Story of Selflessness

Wu Cheng-hua is a fourth year student from the TKU Department of International Tourism Management. Like the rest of her family, her outlook in life is positive and optimistic.

In October last year her father fell ill. To get better, he required a liver transplant. The doctors tested his wife, son, and daughter, to see if they were suitable donors. They concluded that only his daughter, Wu Cheng-hua, was a viable match.

So, Cheng-hua decided to donate a liver. “The tests showed that I was the only one who could help. So, I decided to save my father.” The operation went smoothly, and after the surgery several classmates travelled all the way to Kaohsiung, South Taiwan, to visit her. This moved her deeply.

Cheng-hua recently returned to class and her father, after now almost fully recovering, will soon be able to go home.

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