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The 2013 TQM Seminar

The 2013 TKU Total Quality Management (TQM) Seminar was held on the morning of March 22 at the TKU Student Activity Center, Tamsui Campus. As in previous years, it involved live interaction with staff members from the Taipei and Lanyang campuses (via webcam), as over 600 members of faculty and staff came together to strengthen their skills in the area of total quality management.

Tamkang University was the first university to implement TQM, said the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, in the seminar’s opening speech. Since adopting TQM in 1992, Tamkang has evolved through several distinct phases: the “inception phase”, the “foundational phase”, the “development phase”, and the “advancement phase”.

During this year’s seminar, the top three placed teams in the Quality Control Circle Competition were announced; winners of the Tamkang Quality Award shared their know-how and experience; and a special lecture - on service quality - was delivered by well-known author Tony Wong.

Tony Wong described the 5 secrets for providing service that move people: “use your eyes, to first observe the customer and predict his possible needs”. Use your ears, he added, to patiently listen to customers’ goals. Use your mouth to chat with the customer and learn about his deeper objective or dream. Then comes the winning blow. Use your brain to remember this “dream” and think of ways to help him reach it – exceed his expectations. Lastly, use your heart to provide service with care; offer tailored solutions that have the customer coming back for more.

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