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The Hosei University Office in Taiwan

On 24th May, a delegation of senior staff from Hosei University, Japan, visited TKU’s Tamsui Campus. The group included the President of Hosei University, Prof. Toshio Mesuda; the Vice President for International Affairs, Prof. Yoshiro Fukuda; the Executive Director for International Strategic Planning and Cooperation, Prof. Mitzuhito Kanehara; and the Director of the Hosei University International Center, Prof. Kimiyoshi Hayashi.

After arriving, the guests took part in an informal discussion, during which the President of TKU, Dr. Flora Chia-I Chang, provided the guests with an introduction to TKU. This was followed by a luncheon and then a tour of the campus, including a visit to the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center and the TKU Library. Subsequently, the guests headed to the TKU Taipei Campus, where they participated in the inauguration of the Hosei University Office in Taiwan.

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