NO. 517


In conjunction with the 52nd Founding Anniversary of Tamkang University (TKU), Tamkang Times (TK Times) has issued a “TK Times Memorial Compact Disco (CD)” and it is available at B426.

The contents of CD include the current briefing of TK Times and the online contents from 1985 to now. TKU Founder Dr. Clement C. P. Chang, President Dr. Chang Horng-jinh and Vice Presidents Dr. Flora C.I.Chang and Dr. Feng Chao-kang have made a special recommendation of TK Times CD to all of the faculty and students.

At the same time, TK Times, in order to recruit new job partner, will recruit reporters and photographers. TK Times calls on all those freshmen and sophomores or students of Graduate Institutes who are interested in news coverage to jubilantly participate in the upcoming recommendation and selective competition. The registration paper is available either at B-426 or registering through TK Times Web. The deadline for the registration is Nov. 22.

TK Times also hopes that the departmental chairs will recommend those outstanding students of his department to take part in the selective competition. The selective competition will be divided into two parts: written test and oral test. The name list of winners is expected to be available on Dec. 2, 2002.

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