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TKU Takes Home the Gold and More in ICT Innovative Services Contest

【Reported by Xue-yi Wu, Tamkang Times】

2013 marks the 18th year of the International ICT Innovative Services Contest, an annual ICT application competition held for university and college students. This year Tamkang University is awarded with 2 first place awards, 3 second place awards, 2 third place awards and an award for Best Innovation! The professor of the Department of Information Management, Jui-hsiang Hsiao, expressed, “I am very appreciative to see all of the students’ hard work and their diligence pay off. It has been a pleasure witnessing both their determination and drive in this contest.”

This competition was organized through the joint efforts of the Ministry of Economic Affairs Industrial Development Bureau, Ministry of Education Computer Center and the Pacific Asia Conference on Information Systems. The competition included 982 participating teams from junior colleges all over the nation, 348 teams entered into the intense final competition.

“Tourism is Best” A group from the Department of Information Management, won first place in the 2nd Cross-Strait Affairs Division and second place in the Academia-Industry Cooperation Division. The group called “Social Media Advertisement and Large Information Analysis” won second place in the Academia-Industry Cooperation Division and also second place in the Digital Certification Applications Division. Third place was awarded to “No NG” in the Third Academia-Industry Cooperation Division and “The Corpse Factory” in the Information and Technology Applications Division. The Department of Educational Technology’s team, “The New Star’s Ebook Education and Training”, won first place in the System Development Tools and Techniques Division. Finally the Office of Information’s “Natural Applications” won the prize for Best Innovation. All of the students were honored to be able to receive these outstanding awards and gave the credit to the diligence of the professors at Tamkang University.

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