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The Fair Trade Commision and the Clayton Antitrust Act

【Reported by Bo-xian Lu, Tamkang Times】On November 25th the Executive Master’s Program of Business Administration in International Commerce invited Executive Director of the Fair Trade Commision, Dr. Lih-Chyun Sun, to give a lecture on “ The Global Clayton Antitrust Act and the Industrial Compliance Program.” The discussion covered international leniency policies, both national and international cases, functioning effectively in a competitive market under the Clayton Antitrust Act, the risk of illegal actions for corporations, the prevention of illegal actions of employees and strengthening the understanding of illegal corporate behavior.

Dr. Lih-Chyun Sun expressed, “To say it simply a cartel agreement decides whether or not to compete. The standard set by the cartel has the most dramatic impact on the market. The leniency policies have been used to reduce the penalties and fees of corporations if illegal action has been discovered by government organizations. Therefore, a corporation that initiates a government investigation can reduce capital loss by discovering illegal behavior in its early stages. This has proven to be a very effective method of reducing the damage that can occur before it becomes an irreparable calamity.”

He then shared the details of many cases both nationally and internationally that have taken place in major corporations. A Professor in the Executive Master’s Program of Business Administration, Yi-nan Lin, expressed, “I hope the students will be able to take away a full understanding of today’s lecture because it will really help them avoid any entanglements involving business law.”

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