NO. 913

Two Great Festivals For Thanksgiving!

【Reported by Ya-xuan Ji, Tamkang Times】On the 28th of November the English Department held the “Teacher Student Thanksgiving Dinner”. There were over 500 teachers and students that were in attendance at this festival of abundance and fellowship. The Chair of the English Department, Chen-Hsing Tsai, expressed, “This is a very touching moment, much like witnessing a miracle. There are many things to be grateful for on this magnificent day. I’m thankful for all the students and teachers who came to participate.”

A great turkey dinner was served with pumpkin pie while second year English students Ya-wen Li and Meng-xu Cai performed a skit to entertain the guests. There was also an enthusiastic Fox dance performance, followed by the warm melody of the student voices that came together in song. The climax of the entertainment occured when professor Chen-Hsing Tsai and assistant professor Xing-yu Lin hit the stage with their own exciting performance. The audience cheered loudly as professor Chen-Hsing Tsai dawned an outfit of bright exoctic colors and dark shades while dancing back and forth on stage. One third year student stated, “ This is such a meaningful event. Not only can we enjoy tasty food, but teachers and students get to have a special exchange.”

【Reported by Jia-wen Lin, Hong-jia Xing, Tamkang, Times】Graduate Institute of International Affairs and Strategic Studies also held a Thanksgiving celebration on the 28th hosted by professors Alexander C. Huang, Cheng-chuan Shih, Hsi-hsun Tsai and Juo-yu Lin. There were around 30 students who feasted on 3 turkeys, mashed potatoes and strawberry tarts. Before the feast, the students came together in a prayer to show their thanks. Professor Alexander C. Huang stated, “This is a festival that we can all be grateful for and it gives the international students a taste of home.” Professor Hsi-hsun Tsai also remarked, “ Today is a great day for our group! I’m grateful for the support we receive from the university that allows us to appreciate things beyond academics.”