NO. 914

TKU’s Involvement in MOS Strengthens Student’s Employment Opportunities

【Reported by Yan-ling Chen, Tamkang Times】Tamkang University’s Triple Objective Educational system once again leads the way to success. For a long time Tamkang University has participated in the Microsoft Office Specialist (MOS) certification competition in order to nurture needed professional competitive skills in university students. A few days ago Certiport, the microsoft global licensing center, selected TKU as the only university in the Greater China Region for recognition of their achievements in Microsoft related competitions. Certiport is promoting international licensing that will be translated into 27 languages and utilized in 153 different countries.

Elite I.T. recommended to Certiport that TKU be selected for this global license recognition due to this university’s outstanding performance over the years in MOS. In order to be qualified for Certiport, TKU has undergone strict examinations and evaluations regarding the student skill level and competence in these testings and competitions. The university achievements can be found posted on

The Dean of Student Affairs, Chih-en Ko, stated, “We have provided a Microsoft Office Specialist curriculum since 2010 in order to nurture the students’ competitive abilities, strengthening their future career opportunities. Students are encouraged to enter competitions to showcase their skills and they have continually been honored with awards including: Worldwide Competition on Microsoft Office in 2009, Excell World Cup 2003, Excell World Cup 2007, Excell World Cup 2010, Microsoft Word Champion 2003, Powerpoint Champion 2007 and Powerpoint Champion 2012. Tamkang University’s invested time in MOS has been rewarded with honor and recognition. It’s my hope that we are able to continue to nurture and develop champions from this institute.”