NO. 914

Sheng-jun Fu Returns From Cambodia and Receives Outstanding Youth Award

【Tamkang Times】Sheng-jun Fu, four-year student of the Chinese Language Department, will have the honor of receiving the 21st Outstanding Youth Award on December 14th. She will have the chance to meet with President Ma Ying Jiu in congratulations for winning this nationwide competition. Sheng-jun Fu had been involved in helping children with disabilities for a long time before she decided to lead a study service group in Cambodia for 22 days. Her commitment to go overseas in order to assist those in need, displays the determination and goodwill of her character. She stated, “Usually social services take a good amount of time to meet the needs of the misfortunate. This is especially true when services are needed overseas. But I have gained so much valuable experience from this challenge and it is my desire to continue growing and developing in this direction.” One of the members of her group added, “When you are working next to Sheng-jun Fu, you are really motivated by her leadership and charm.” Shen-jun Fu expressed her gratitude for the award and for the support from her professors.