NO. 914

Student Organization Voice Concerns

【Reported by Yi-feng Lu, Tamkang Times】An annual student organization conference was held on December 5th in the Chueh-sheng International Conference Hall. President Chia-I Chang reminded students that the Three Circles and Five Disciplines, Triple Objective Educational System and the very spirit of Tamkang University, is reliant on the activities and developments of the student organizations. The student organizations create the essence and atmosphere of the university.

President Chang stated, “The space for the Fencing Club, Astronomy Club, Student Club, Art Club and Gu Zheng Club are not satisfactory at the moment. So while we are making adjustments please feel free to utilize the facilities on Lanyang Campus in the meantime.” The Astronomy Club mentioned they would be happy to utilize Lanyang campus because the lights on Tamkang Campus hindered students from being able to clearly see the stars. Students of the Business and Management Club had hopes of being able to raise their flags on campus, which were granted by Chih-en Ko. Students also expressed that they felt the fee for the gymnasium was too expensive. Shu-feng Hsiao responded, “Actually the fee for our gymnasium is already lower than any of the other junior colleges. But you can do cleaning work on campus in order to get a discount if you wish. We do our best to make everything affordable for students.”