NO. 915

Illumination Meets Appreciation Event Brings Wishes of the New Year

【Reported By Jia-fu Gao, Tamkang Times】On December 9th the Office of Student Affairs held an event titled, “Illumination Meets Appreciation,” which gave faculty members an opportunity to express thanks as the year comes to an end. In attendance was President Chia-I Chang, Vice President of Administration, Po-yuan Kao, and Vice President of International Affairs, Wan-chin Tai. President Chia-I Chang expressed, “It feels like I am taking a walk back into the days of my own college life. I want to thank the Office of Student Affairs and the Office of General Affairs for their wholehearted effort in creating the welcoming Christmas atmosphere. I appreciate the efforts of everyone that has helped this university shine among the other 160 junior colleges. I eagerly anticipate moving into the future as we continue to cultivate excellence.”

Director of the Fine Arts Center, Ben-hang Chang, wrote the word “praise”, which was the theme of 2013, representing recognition and appreciation of progress. He then wrote, “Steed” as the theme for 2014, which promises a year of expedient success and development. The audience responded with an enthusiastic applause indicating the welcoming of the year of the horse. Vice President Po-yuan Kao expressed, “May Tamkang University’s reputation spread widely around the nation.” Vice President Wan-chin Tai then stated, “An arrogant man will only accomplish half of his dreams while a humble man will achieve twice as much as he desires. Let TKU’s spirit of excellence accomplish more than the strongest and most humble horse.”