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The Black Swan Exhibition Hall Displays TKU’s Achievements in Applied Education

【Reported by Qian-wen Fan and Qiao-ting Zhao, Tamkang Times】Starting from December 10th, Education Week is taking place in the Black Swan Exhibition Hall. Education week is the combination of an enrollment promotion as well as a display of the universities achievements. President Chia-I Chang stated, “For this year’s Education Week we have promoted a concept that revolves around an international, informational and futuristic education system. I’m proud to see the College of Education promote applicable academic knowledge. If you want to study Future Studies, then come to Tamkang University. The wish of the founder of TKU was for us to continue to peer into the future and it has become the trademark and specialization of our institute.”

Dean of the College of Education, Dian-fu Chang, stated, “In addition to displaying the spirit of TKU’s Triple Objective Education System, we have also displayed the achievements of every department at the university. This truly emphasizes the purpose and goals of education and we want to be able to tap into the potential of Taiwanese youth. Being able to see concrete success can be the best explanation for hard work and diligent study.

Director of the Graduate Institute of Future Studies, Jian-Bang Deng, stated, “We look into the fields of every type of career and give students a head start.” Second year Future Studies student, Wei-lian Liu, shared her experience at the press conference, “I hope seeing the achievements will help people really begin contemplating their future. This type of conemplation helps us understand where we are headed.”


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