NO. 902

The Freshman Assembly Activity Takes Place on Tamsui and Lanyang Campus

【Reported by Jia-fu Gao, Yi-jie Lai, Tamkang Times】The ceremony for the new semester has taken place and President Flora Chia-I Chang addressed the freshman students by introducing concepts ideology of Tamkang University. She informed them that Tamkang University has been listed as number one for the most desired graduates by 1000 Enterprises’ Survey 16 consecutive times. She also expressed that they should utilize their time wisely and adopt the spirit of excellence into their person throughout their stay at the university.

At the assemble first the Beatbox group did an introduction of the university’s history. Afterwards there was a performance done by the choir, cheerleaders, hot dance team, taekwondo group and other exciting performance groups to welcome the start of the 100th school year. Dean of Academic Affairs, Huan-chao Keh, explained the graduation program to the students while encouraging them to do their best to become part of the Honor Roll Program. Dean of Academic Affairs, Chih-en Ko, expressed that there are 100 different lifestyles happening at the university and that he anticipates the newly enrolled freshman will accomplish great things. Dean of General Affairs,

This year has been especially focused on disaster prevention and safety procedures so the students were introduced and instructed through a short tutorial video about safety education. The video covered many areas of safety including scooter safety, transportation safety, etc. On Lanyang Campus they even learned procedures such as CPR and AED.