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Ministry of Foreign Affairs Holds Press Conference with Three International Correspondents

【Reported by Jia-yun Cai, Tamkang Times】On the 15th of April the Ministry of Foreign Affairs held a press conference with reporters from Austria, Croatia and Slovenija. The members of the press conference group included Special Correspondent Ms. Bisera Fabrio, Photo Journalist Mr. Skledar Vjekoslav, Editor of Vienna Times, Mr. Klaus Huhold and International Editor, Ms. Zorana Bakovic.

Leader of the Graduate Institute of European Studies, Li-chuan Chen, invited Assistant Professor from the Graduate institute of Asian Studies, Chin-ming Lin, to participate in the discussion. The theme of the talk was centered around the Bilateral Investment Agreement (BIA) and Economic Consulting Associates (ECA). Ms. Zorana Bakovic began the discussion by asking, “How does Taiwan feel about being reliant on China economically?” Chin-ming Lin responded by answering, “Taiwan isn’t solely reliant on China economically, we have many other countries that we trade with in the Asian Pacific area.” Various questions related to current trading situations were answered to enlighten the honored guests in attendance. The students even had a chance to participate in the discussion. Second-year student from the Graduate Institute of European Studies, Wei-qing Yan, stated, “In this discussion I was able to see the different perspectives of other countries about various issues. It has really given me a much more diverse understanding and I’m very pleased I could attend.”

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