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Easter Egg Hunt on Lanyang Campus

The dormitories on Lanyang Campus and the Department of Foreign Languages and Literature have decided to hold the “Crazy Easter Egg Hunt” for Easter on April 8th in the Academic Building. They hid 80 Easter eggs and 20 special eggs from the 2nd to the 5th floor. Individuals that found the special eggs were able to receive a great prize. Second-year student from the Department of Global Politics and Economics, Wan-ru Wu, stated, “It turns out they even hid a special egg on the person dressed up as an Easter bunny! Very tricky.”

The same night the participants were able to represent their different cultures through dying eggs together. Assistant Professor from the Department of Global Politics and Economics, Ying-lung Chou, helped the students with designing their eggs. Fourth-year student from the Department of Innovative Information and Technology, Yu-rou Wu, stated, “It was a great event that we not only got to find and color eggs, but Ying-lung Chou even made a delicious corn soup from the remaining eggs.” (Article and Photo Provided by Yu-xuan Guo)


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