NO. 932

President of Nagasaki University Visits TKU

【Reported by Yu-xuan Zhou, Tamkang Times】On May 14th President of Nagasaki University, Shigeru Katamine, accepted an invitation from President Flora Chia-I Chang to visit Tamkang University. He came with another honored guest Secretary from the Ministry of Education of the Department of International Cross-Strait Education, Guo-lung Luo. The Japanese President graced the visit with a lecture themed around Educational Reform in Nagasaki University. During the Lecture, President Shigeru Katamine introduced the university governing concepts and principles responsible for the development of Nagasaki University. He stated, “The students are not only supposed to absorb the information that we teach them, but they must also make it come alive in order to benefit the structure of our society.”

The lecture also described the current higher education revolution taking place in Japan. After the lecture, the guests were given a guided tour by Vice President of Administration, Po-yuan Kao. They were pleased to observe the Chueh-sheng Memorial Library, Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center and the different scenic views on Tamsui Campus.

Vice President of Academic Affairs, Gwo-hsing Yu, stated, “It is quite a rare to have an opportunity to understand the educational concepts of Nagasaki University. I hope we are able to utilize many of the things we have learned into our own system.” President Shigeru Katamine expressed the educational revolution consisted of changing from a “core” educational program to a “single unit” program. This gives teachers and students more time for interaction as well as research becomes more effective.