NO. 958

Lanyang Campus Plants 700 New Trees

【Reported by Xue-fen Ma, Lanyang Campus】This marks the 8th year that the director of Lanyang Campus has been cooperating with Epson Taiwan Technology & Trading Ltd. On March 7th the Dean of the College of Global Development, Ay-Hwa Andy Liou, invited the General Manager of Epson, Lung-an Li, along with a hundred members of the company, in addition 41 members were invited from the company Fortune and 43 members from AVer to plant a variety of trees on campus: Chinese Holly, Tung Trees, Lagerstroemia and Tassels. The groups came together to plant a total of 700 different trees on Lanyang Campus ensuring a breathtaking environment for future students. Dean Ay-Hwa Andy Liou stated, “Planting trees is one of the most meaningful things we can do for our planet. I’m very grateful to all the participating companies for lending a hand.”

Angels in the Dormitories

On March 14th White Valentines day is being celebrated. Is anyone out there finding it difficult to express yourself to your crush? On Lanyang Campus from the 9th until the 13th there will be people dressed as angels in the both the male and female dorms who will help send messages to that special person of interest. Every semester on Lanyang Campus they hold events for Gender Equality and Affection Education and this year the angels are a fun way to express healthy feelings. Assistant of the Counseling Section, Chia-hao Chen, expressed, “Even though students spend lots of time together in the dorms, there are many who are too shy to tell their classmates how they feel about romantic issues. This is a great opportunity for everyone to say what’s on their mind.”

Senior Students Share Intern Experience

On March 9th the Department of English Language and Culture provided instructions on work internships for second year students and invited them to listen to 5 of the senior students share their intern experience. Director of the Department of English, Ya-chien Huang, reminded students the most important part of the internship was being able to come face to face with real work challenges. Last year the internship was offered at Kejian English School, Taiwan News Internet, Hotel Royal and Cat’s Language School. Xin-yu Cai, a student who had an internship at Kejian English School last year stated, “Its a challenge to communicate with the parents. A lot of what they request, actually contradicts the students’ learning abilities.” Another intern, Ya-qian Huang, added, “Everyone at Kejian English School holds TKU students in the highest respects.”