NO. 974

Mother Professor

The door opens in the office of the Graduate Institute of European Studies(GIES) , causing the serious discussion of laws and regulations to come to a halt. Director of the GIES, Li-chuan Chen, turns to see a camera and immediately smiles to make a hand gesture and silly pose, completely creating a joyful, relaxing atmosphere. Li-chuan Chen then stated, “A good teacher can change lives.” She pointed out that the impact a teacher has on development far surpasses the academic region. Therefore she has always compelled students to continue to ask questions, persevere and not hesitate to ask for help when it’s needed.

Many of the students who are unable express their feelings to their own parents, come to find Li-chuan Chen in their time of need. Her door is always open for research assistance, guidance or other troubles. This has earned her the title of Mother Professor. “Her helping me correct my homework was nothing short of fate.” Said longtime graduated alumni, Hao-yuan Weng, as he thought upon his time of study. After receiving help from Mother Professor, Hao-yuan Weng’s grades shot up into the 95 percentile. Later when he decided to go overseas for study, Li-chuan Chen, gave him a letter of recommendation and continued to stay in touch. “She is the one that taught me that learning was supposed to be fun.” Hao-yuan Weng explained. After a career of twenty years, Li-chuan Chen, stated, “The destiny between a teacher and student is something to be treasured.” (Article Yu-xuan Li)