NO. 979

High Table Dinner at Lanyang

Lan Yang Campus held the High Table Dinner on Oct. 20, an event that closely resembles the tradition of the Cambridge University dormitory. The banquet took place at 6:30pm and was aimed at creating a positive exchange between students and teachers. There was a display of achievements related to the realm of higher education, which served to motivate students and teachers alike to continue to pursue the spirit of excellence. Not only did the High Table Dinner stimulate the ideas of new students, it also gave participants a taste of a formal western-style dining affair while creating new academic bonds.

In attendance was President Flora Chia-I Chang, President of Academics, Huan-chao Keh, Vice President of International Affairs, Wan-chin Tai, Dean of Academic Affairs, Tung-wen Cheng and Military Instructor - Colonel & Section Chief, Kuo-liang Chen. The event commenced when students of the Department of Language, Pei-xuan Xie and Nuo-jing Jian, began introduced the special guests and professors. Following, President Chang gave a welcoming address while explaining that the current developments and achievements of the university are the realization of the founder Lanyang Campus’ dreams. She stated, “It’s important to have good habits such as getting to bed early and rising early to take on challenges with a renewed spirit.”

Three awards were presented: Lanyang Day, which awarded students for dressing formally as fitting to the western career world; First Come First Serve, was an award for those who got a jump start on signing up for summer classes; and the Lecture Award was given to new students for excellent attendance. (Article written by Jia-ling Liu)