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Steven Shaw Explains

【Yi-feng Lu, Special Report 】On 2014 a new position as the General Manager at Microsoft in Taiwan was filled by Tamkang University Alumni, Steven Shaw. Steven Shaw is TKU alumni of the Department of Water Welfare Engineering (currently known as Department of Water Resources and Environmental Engineering) and has had a very successful career that continues to prosper. After being appointed General Manager at Microsoft, Shaw agreed to an interview to encourage students of his alma-mater.

It’s apparent that Shaw remembers his school days quite clearly as he reflects on his past. He stated, “In those days there were about 40 people in my class. The teacher was diligent and also very strict, making all of the students pay close attention. But when there was extra time, we enjoyed having fun. I’ve always loved to play. I was addicted to playing tennis and was really competitive when it was time for a match.”

Shaw graduated in the year of 1983 and went to study at the University of Illinois in Chicago. He received his masters in library and information science. He then began his career in the AT&T Bell Labs. Afterwards he took a position as general manager at CISCO in China in Nokia’s service department. Following he was a consultant and manager at IBM before reaching his current position at Microsoft. He stated that he his development contained lots of different skills, which allowed him to be introduced to many new people in different positions.

When asked if he found it difficult to make so many career changes, Shaw responded, “When dealing with technology, there isn’t a considerable difference between positions. Once you’ve gained significant experience, you pretty much know what to expect and how to lead with that experience.” Shaw added, “I spent a long time working in China and I really wanted to return to Taiwan and give back what I learned.” Shaw mentioned that he is determined to help cultivate great personnel in Taiwan with the ability to compete on a global level.


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