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TKU’s Macao Alumni Association

【Kai-jun Lin, Tamsui Campus Report】Tamkang University’s Macao Alumni Association held a conference on Dec. 6 (Sunday) at the Golden Dragon Macau Hotel. The event was headed by President Flora Chia-I Chang, Vice President of International Affairs, Wan-chin Tai, Dean of the College of Business and Management, Chien-liang Chiu and Executive Director of the Office of Alumni Services and Resources Development, Chun-young Perng. All together there were around a hundred participants in the warm and welcoming activity that began with President Chang expressing congratulations to the alumni association for their continual progress in university development.

During President Chang’s address, she expressed, “It’s my wish to see the Macao Alumni Association prosper forever. In recent years, Macao student numbers continue to increase even more rapidly than students from Hong Kong and Malaysia, becoming the highest population of TKU international students. Because of their presence, TKU has obtained many great awards and achievements and I am grateful for their support!”

“There are already over 250,000 university alumni, spread to all regions of the world and they have formed 142 different alumni organizations.” Chun-young Perng expressed. He added, “These organizations have helped tremendously in areas such as career development and academic services, creating a bridge between the outside world and TKU. I believe that the Macao Alumni Association will create stronger relations and form new bonds.” In addition he invited the members to see TKU’s campus gardens and advanced academic facilities, to participate in departmental conferences, share career innovative ideas and experience with hopes of sustaining the university’s progressive path.