NO. 987

479 Students on Academic Probation

【Yao-han Cao, Jia-wei Min, Tamsui Campus Report】According to the statistics based on the data of the Office of Academic Affairs, the first semester of 2015-16 school year has placed 479 students on academic probation, which is 222 less students than the first semester of last year. This semester there has been a total of 5316 students that have failed their mid-term examination and the Registration Section has provided a name list for each department so that students can get help and counseling for their study habits. University regulations state that if a student is placed on academic probation 2 times in a row, they will be dropped from the university.

Director of the Registration Section, Kuo-fang Chiang, explained, “Academic probation serves a reminder for students, parents and counselors to make corrections on how they learn. It exposes weaknesses in their study habits and allows them to focus on the parts they are having the most trouble with. I hope the students will be able to put in more effort and make a change for the better.”.