NO. 988

TKU Hosts Calligraphy Contests to Preserve Tradition and Culture

【Pin-jie Chen, Zhao-yu Chen, Tamsui Campus Report】The Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center and the Republic of China Calligraphy Society jointly held the 2015 Global Traditional Chinese Calligraphy Competition, attracting calligraphy lovers from all over. This contest categorized the competitors into two groups: calligraphy and writing characters, containing a total of 8000 pieces. On Dec. 19 the Vice President Den-yih Wu attended the award ceremony at Sun Yat-sen Memorial Hall and prizes were presented for 1st, 2nd and 3rd place. All of the winning art pieces are stored in Tamkang University’s Calligraphy Research Room.

Director of the Carrie Chang Fine Arts Center, Ben-hang Chang expressed, “Not only does this competition raise our reputation on an international level, it also helps us discover university representatives of traditionally written Chinese. We will continue to promote related activities as it maintains and improves the art and traditions of Taiwan.”

The 2015 National Junior College Calligraphy Competition held its award ceremony on Dec. 13. It consisted of groups for both Calligraphy writing and e-calligraphy. There was a total of 89 participants; after the first round, there were 59 participants that entered into the final competition. Qi-cheng Zhuang of TKU’s Chinese Department, was the first place winner of the e-calligraphy competition. He expressed, “This competition was a great exchange for me. It let me better understand my strengths and weaknesses.”