NO. 992

TKU Professor Travels to India to Give Lecture

【Hong-wei Lu, Tamsui Campus Report】The Director of the Department of Computer Science and Engineering, Hui-huang Hsu, was invited to give a lecture at the IEEE SPIN-2016 Special Guest Lecture on Feb. 11-12 at Amity University in India. He was greeted by founder of the University, Ashok K. Chauhan. Hui-huang Hsu gave a lecture themed, “Recognizing Human Behavior via Smartphone Sensory Data.”

The Office of International and Cross-Strait Affairs plan to sign an agreement with Amity University to become sister schools in the near future. Hui-huang Hsu, represented TKU for this international exchange with the purpose of meeting and learning with Amity University’s professors of Computer Science and Information Engineering. He expressed, “I’m so glad that recently we have been recognized as an internationally-oriented academic institution. Now teachers and students are seeking out international exchanges in all directions.”