NO. 992

Chung-kuang Koo, the Story of an Artist

The A Chung-kuang Koo of the Artist-In-Residence, is a man who carries the essence of artistry with him everyday. From his painter’s hat, back pack and beard, it’s easy to see he is a person who represents his lifestyle. He stated, “I’m an art promoter! If it has anything to do with art, I want to involve Tamkang University!” He helped to promote an art exhibition for TKU this semester that captured diverse aspects of art. He stated, “Even though TKU doesn’t have an art program, students and teachers can still come in contact with many artistic concepts at the Chang Carrie Fine Arts Center.”

Chung-kuang Koo graduated from National Taiwan Normal University with the number one oil painting. Before graduation (at 20 years old) he had been honored with a bronze medal from Hong Kong’s 3rd Annual International Painting Contest. Afterwards he continued to receive awards both nationally and internationally. Many of his products can be hard to distinguish from a photograph. (Enjoy for yourself on Carrie Chang Fine Art Center’s website

The artist expressed, “Creating a piece of work that you are satisfied with is no easy task. While creating it, there are continually things that can be modified and adjusted. Then suddenly inspiration hits and the brush begins to move on its own.” He stated that he spends an average of about one month on each piece, but he stated that one particular piece took him ten years. He believes, “TKU is filled with students with great ideas and wisdom. They may not go after art as a lifestyle, but it’s certain they will go on to do great things.” (Article written by Yi-feng Lu)