NO. 993

Healthy Take-out Lecture

【Tamkang Times】Take-out food is delicious, convenient and comes in many different cuisines. Yet, there is a downside to take-out, being that it’s generally unhealthy food. How do we continue to maintain a healthy lifestyle with such easy access to poor choices? On March 11 the Sanitation and Fitness Section invited Nutrition Expert, Wei-ting Dai, to give a lecture in the Gymnasium, room SG317. The event will be discussing the topic, “Using Take-out to Absorb More Vegetables” in an hour long lecture.

Event Organizer and Nurse of the Sanitation and Fitness Section, Jing-yu Qiu, expressed, “If you don’t eat enough vegetables, then it is really easy to have weight problems and constipation issues. It will also make your body age more rapidly, affect eyesight, along with numerous other problems. I encourage everyone to participate in this event. All are welcome.” (Register at link )