NO. 994

New Diplomatic Discussion Courses Aid Students with Professional Skills

【Yu-xiang Sun, Wan-xuan Qin, Tamsui Campus Report】The College of Foreign Languages and Literature opened the “Diplomatic Discussion Course,” inviting experienced professionals of the related-field along with veteran academic diplomatic educators to teach on international relations. The course was immediately filled by 175 eager students.

Director of the Department of Spanish, Sheng-bin Lin, invited former Ambassador of Nicaragua, Ming-wen Wang, former Ambassador of France, Michel Lu, former Ambassador of Panama, Ren-yow Huang, former Ambassador of Germany, Jhy-wey Shieh, along with a reservoir of experienced personnel to give lectures for the course. Sheng-bin Lin expressed, “Students are able to hear lectures from these experienced individuals and learn of practical diplomatic affairs along with diplomatic knowledge and skills, allowing them to broaden their global understanding. It’s a great option for the students.”

Another newly designed course: “the College of Education and Academic Issues Research” will invite former Minister of the Ministry of Education, Ching-ji Wu, to give lectures. Dean of the College of Education, Dian-fu Chang, expressed, “The course includes the rare sharing of professional experience, policies and promotion methods. Doctoral students will be able to get a close look at these concepts, deepening their education as they prepare to enter their careers.”