NO. 1000

Tamkang Times Reaches 1000th Edition

【Wan-xuan Qin, Tamsui Campus Report】Media and information continue to change shape throughout each generation. Even though newspapers still use a traditional paper format to tell stories, they are faced with many challenges to modify and adapt to the digital age. News industries and universities all over the world meet with this challenge by taking on electronic formats, cell phone apps, multiple languages and to keep up with the new age readers. Tamkang Times has continued to provide news for 63 years and every year it takes on more modifications to stay up-to-date with the information age, giving students and university members the latest stories. On Apr. 23 (Saturday) on Tamkang Campus, Tamkang Times held a tea party to celebrate its 1000th edition.

President Flora Chia-I Chang expressed, “Tamkang Times has provided information on the latest changes for the last 63 years here on campus. It even keeps tabs on the latest global events, influential ideas and current trends. The hard work of the Tamkang Times members along with university students and alumni have played a crucial role in the raising of our academic standing. This special paper has contributed to the strengthening of our campus and spreading of the spirit of TKU.”

Director of Tamkang Times, Yu-pei Ma, expressed, “In 63 years Tamkang TIme has covered every type of story and incident. As the the form of relaying information began to change, the paper was met with challenges of adapting to an ever changing industry. We had to become functional for the digital age and place our articles online for easy access. Not only do we now provide diverse stories, but we also provide more versatile options when it comes to viewing our news network.”