NO. 1000

Educators from All Over Gather to Discuss Culture at TKU

【Yun-qian Qiu, Tamsui Campus Report】On Apr. 21 and 22 the Department of Chinese and the Association for Asian studies jointly held the “Chinese Characters and Social Cultural International Academic Forum. Educators were invited from America, Canada, Korea, Japan, Hong Kong and Taiwan, distributing a total of 52 articles. There was a total of about 100 participants in attendance.”

In the morning, the Director of the Department of Chinese, Shan-pei Yin, explained, “Study of Chinese Characters, Society and Culture have always been the long-term direction for the department and this forum is an opportunity to review and compare various works of ancient, modern Chinese and international fields of study and research while encouraging the achievements of young scholars.”

The forum held 12 events focusing on history, philosophy, language and arts with the purpose of taking a deep exploration into society and culture. First year student of the department of Chinese, Wei-shu Lin, expressed, “This forum has gathered international educators for an exchange at Tamkang University in order to learn from each other and utilize research methods that cross the boundaries of countries. I’m sure this will lead to the development of a new academic perception.”