NO. 1000

TKU Music Exhibit Showcases Famous Alumni

【Yi-mei Chen, Zhao-yu Chen, Tamsui Campus Report】In order to spread the local heritage of folk songs, Tamkang University has encouraged students to compose music and become true lovers of the arts. One of such promotion includes the TKU Music Award Exhibit, showcasing the different winners over the years. Alumni of the Department of Information and Library Science and Film Director, Yu-hsun Chen, is not only involved in making great films and advertisements, but also won second place in the TKU Music Composition and Singing Contest back in the day. In those years he was a real head banger.

Yu-hsun Chen expressed, “Tamkang University really made an environment that supported and encouraged musicians so I really got into the guitar. It was my dream to be part of a great band. This really signifies TKU’s success in developing a musical environment.” Yu-hsun Chen stated that he wanted to be on the road of music, but he felt his voice wasn’t good enough. He was both pleased and shocked when he found he had won the music award.