NO. 1007

TKU’s 2015-16 Graduation is Spectacular

【Jin-yu Cai, Tamsui Campus Report】On June 5 (Sunday) Tamkang University held the 2015-16 graduation ceremony in the Shao-mo Memorial Gymnasium. President Flora Chia-I Chang hosted the event as other special guests attended including President of Chung-ang University of Korea, Chang-soo Kim, Alumni and Director of the Board of TKU Alumni Association, Ding-chuan Chen, Ambassador of Tuvalu, Minute Alapati Taupua, Former TKU Presidents Yea-hong Chen, Yun-shan Lin and Horng-jinh Chang along with directors and professors of all departments. This year’s graduating students totalled to around 7,200, including 428 international students from 53 countries.

The ceremony began with the traditional final campus tour as students marched around campus viewing sites for the last time as students. When they arrived to the gymnasium, the senior students played a documentary film that captured unforgettable moments of the year, followed by a music video and live dance performance. During President Chang’s address, she encouraged students to pass the principles and spirit of TKU into their lives and future careers. She also described the TKU educational foundation, which includes an internationally oriented, information-oriented and future-oriented academic program that consists of qualities such as good-conduct, wisdom, physically-fitness, teamwork and beauty.

Ding-chuan Chen presented special awards to Yu-pei Ma of the Department of Mass Communication, Han-ming Wu of the Department of Mathematics, Yi-ren Wang of the Department of Aerospace Engineering, Sheng-xiong Zhang of the Department of International Business Management, Yu-jun Lin of the Department of Accounting and Jing-yin Xie of the Department of English. Students Rui-tian Wu, Ming-shao Wang, Yan-ling Chen and Yue-kuang Chen, performed the song “You Raise Me Up.” The environment was beautifully decorated as many students gave flowers to their professors for their dedication and knowledge.