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Tamkang Times Celebrates Its 500th Birthday with Fanfare

Today (April 29, Monday) is a monumental day in the annals of Tamkang Times because we have reached the 500th birthday.

To celebrate this eventful day, Tamkang Times will publish a special issue to mark this occasion. On Wednesday (May 1), we will hold a forum and a tea party, in which all the friends, old and new, of the newspaper will be invited to participate, and their honest opinions about our past endeavors, where we have slipped, how much room is left there for improvement, etc. will be solicited.

A discussion forum marking the publication of the 500th issue of Tamkang Times will be held at 3:00 PM, same day, at the International Conference Room, Ching Sheng Memorial Hall. Pres. Chang Horng-jinh, our publisher, will preside over. All the high-ranking officials of TT, including Dr. Clement C.P. Chang, Founder of TKU, all the erstwhile presidents of TKU such as Drs. Chen Yea-Hong, Louis R. Chow, Lin Yun-shan will lend their honored presence to the party.

The other honored guests are: committee members of TT, the first-level unit supervisors, editors-in-chief, colleagues, correspondents, authors and readers in the past years, and other media units on campus.

Later, at 4:50 PM, on the 10th Floor, International Hall, Chueh Sheng Memorial Building, there will be a tea party in which all publishers in past years will be invited to join the cutting-birthday- cake ceremony. Their names are: Dr. Clement C.P. Chang, Mr. Niu Fu-min, former Dean of General Affairs, Dr. Tsai Hsin-fu, Dean, College of Technology, Dr. Lee Der-chao, Public Services Center, Prof. Wang Yueh, History Department, Dr. Lin Yun-shan, former president of TKU and Pres. Chang Horng-jinh. In the meantime, our honored guests who will join the ceremony include those who have served as directors of TT, and their names are: Mr. Chen Tse-yuan, overseas news correspondent of the Central News Agency, Mr. Wang Chin-ping, Chair, China Reunification League, Taiwan; Dr. Flora C.I. Chang, V.P. for Administrative Affairs, TKU and Mr. Lo Tso-chun, Director of TT.

Again, in the tea party, visitors will find on display collections of TT from earlier English College days till the present time; also, the collection of the English Tamkang e-Times in paper form that has begun its inception since September, last year. A TT Correspondents Press Club will also be inaugurated in the tea party. As we understand, there are almost one hundred TT staff correspondents who have joined the profession of journalism since 1994. The founding of a press club will serve the long overdue purpose of setting up a liaison between all the members.

TT was established in 1957, and thru a succession of name changes, i.e.,Tamkang English College Weekly, Tamkang Weekly till 1989 when it was finally named Tamkang Times, a weekly published newspaper, it has passed almost half-a-century’s time, a total of 46 years. This time-honored newspaper has the proud history of accompanying every Tamkang fellow to pass thru his/her formative years. It has also served as a bridge between TKU faculty, staff, students and their parents.

With the advance of state-of-the-art technology, TT has gone thru the harrowing stage of hand setting and manual patchwork editing days to the present-day cutting-edge computerization. All told, it bespeaks the arduous, dauntless spirit of an educational institute that we know by the name of Tamkang University today. In addition, TT has set up news networks and has begun to publish Tamkang e-Times, an English on-line newspaper since September last year, so as to help out TKU to reach out all over the world.

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