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Pres. Chang Horng-jinh Is Elected to Be the President of the Board of Directors, Association of Priv

In an election held last Friday (April 26), Pres. Chang Horng-jinh of TKU became the new President of the Board of Directors, Association of Private Universities, ROC.

The term is set at 2 years and renewable for a second term.

As the tenure of private university’s board of directors expired on April 21, an election for the new members of the board was held one month earlier. As a result, a total of 9 presidents were elected. Their names are: Dr. Mou Tsong-chan, President of Shih Hsin University, Dr. Chang Horng-jinh, President of Tamkang University, Dr. Kuo Nan-hung, President of Chang Gung University, Dr. Wang Kang-pei, President of Tunghai University, Dr. Hsiung Sheng-kan, President of Chung Yuan University, Dr. Liu Shui-shen, President of Da Yeh University, Dr. Chen Cheng-shen, President of Providence University, Dr. Ma Hsun, President of Huafan University and Dr. Lee Ning-yuan, President of Fu Jen University.

In the election held in the afternoon of April 26, President Chang grossed the highest ballots to win the election. He said the major task of Association of Private Universities, ROC, is to seek development as well as cooperation between the private universities. He promised to promote these two causes to the best of his ability during his tenure.

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