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TKU Will Hold a Discussion Forum Assessing the Rapid Changes of Hong Kong in Recent Years

A discussion forum on the situation of Hong Kong sponsored by Center for International Affairs and National Security, TKU, will be held in the International Conference Room, Chueh Sheng Memorial Hall on May 3. Dr. Huang Shao-lun, Institute of East Asian Studies, Hong Kong University and Mr. Shiang Shuo-hu, Institute of Hong Kong Policy Study along with many other specialists on societal, economical and commercial aspects of Hong Kong are the guests of TKU. They are scheduled to give papers as well as touring the scenic spots of the campus.

Dr. Thomas B. Lee, Director, Center for International Affairs and National Security, said, “It has been 5 years since repatriation of Hong Kong to Mainland China, and many changes in terms of economical and political situations have taken place. Although Taiwan seems to be near Hong Kong, we don’t know very well what’s going on there. Given the rapid growth of mainland economic strength, the developing potential of Hong Kong’s economy becomes even more important and worthy of our study attention.” With this purpose in mind, many papers submitted by the scholars are focused on assessing the altered situation in Hong Kong in the recent 5 years.

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