NO. 1117

Donations from Alumni for Sustainable Tamkang Development

Shao-Hsin Wang donated NTD 15 million dollars during the new year primarily to aid the financially disadvantaged students.

"Shao-Hsin Wang donated money to current students mainly in the hope that Tamkang’s younger generation will not have to work due to financial instability so they may concentrate on their academic career and gain more professional knowledge; the donations are also used to improve Tamkang’s learning and research environment and provide students and faculties with more abundant resources." The Vice President for Administrative Affairs Dr. Shi-Feng Chuang mentioned the alumni from the department of mathematics, the chairman of SINBON Electronics, Shao-Hsin Wang, donated NTD 15 million dollars a few days ago with great intentions. "Therefore, we must make careful planning and make the most efficient use of the funds as the best response to our alumni Shao-Hsin Wang.”

"This year, many alumni donated funds to the alma mater, including Hang-Chien Hsu, Shao-Hsin Wang, and Chin-Tsai Chen. Their support for the alma mater also encouraged many alumni to join the grand event and generously give back to the alma mater." Dr. Shi-Feng Chuang also hoped that " With more careful planning of relevant use of funds will lay a more solid foundation for the sustainable development of Tamkang."