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Metaverse Introduction, Science Popularization, and Personal Branding, High School Camp Presenting the Diversity of Tamkang
High School Camp by the Department of Information and Library Science: Experience the Interactive light and Shadow of Metaverse On March 11th, the Department of Information and Library Science held the "High School Camp Interactive Light and Shadow of the Metaverse - New Experience of Reading". The 6-hour event combined digital hardware and software interactive teaching, with practical life and technology creation, to stimulate creativity and imagination, cultivate logical analysis abilities, assist in interest exploration, and produce finished products. A total of 27 high school students from Taipei City Municipal Datung High School, Bailin, Mingder, Nankang, Zhongli Home Economics and Commercial, Pingtung, and Zhuwei High School participated and received training certificates on-site. In the morning, Assistant Professor Chia-Ling Chang from the Department of Information and Library Science gave a talk titled "AR Interactive Design and Display". Starting with internet searches for resources related to AR interactive design and display, Dr. Chang taught high school students the concept of Creative Commons (CC), enabling them to find legal and non-infringing images, videos, and 3D graphics on the internet. Using AR augmented reality software, the students were able to create and design their own interactive picture books during the class. In addition to gaining knowledge about AR and other software, the students also learned about intellectual property rights, how to find legal information, and how to operate software such as QR codes, AR software, and server uploading software. In the afternoon, Associate Professor Hsuan-Pu Chang gave a lecture on "The Applications of Adobe InDesign in Publishing and Editing", enabling high school students to master the basic functions of InDesign and independently produce high-quality printed materials. The high school students learned how to use InDesign layout functions and styles during the lecture, created beautiful layouts, and were able to export the produced files as PDF documents to meet the requirements of digital publishing and physical printing. Hsiu-Chi Liu, a student from Datung High School, together with Yu-Tsen Cheng and Yi-Ning Weng, students from Zhuwei High School, produced a 9-page work containing text, pictures, picture books, and PowerPoint introductions, which impressed Dr. Chia-Ling Chang. She encouraged the high school students to form groups and used AR to attract attention, allowing them to see potential works. In the short 3-hour course, she also thanked alumna Ya-Ting Fan and Jing-Ya Chang from the grad institute of information and library science, who served as teaching assistants and respectively guided each group, allowing them to learn the latest technology to achieve results. The high school students said they learned a lot of knowledge and even shared their experience on stage, which was quite interesting.
College of Science held High School Science Camp including hands-on experiments College of Science held a high school science camp in Liu-Hsien Memorial Science Hall. Over 20 students from Bailing, Minglun, Zhonglun, Yangming, and Dazhi High school participated in the event, listening to 3 scientific popularization lectures on mathematics, physics and chemistry and involving in experiments in Tamkang. In the first lecture, Associate Professor Zhi-Shi Pan from the Department of Mathematics introduced the secret to winning mathematical games by using theories. Assistant Professor Jun-Yi Wu from the Department of Physics explained the knowledge of quantum entanglement. Quantum entanglement is not only the forefront of contemporary physics, but also one of the keys to future scientific and technological development. The Chair of the Department of Physics, Dr. Cheng-Hao Chuang, also led high school students to operate laser engraving shows that combine physics with fun. In addition, the Chair of the Department of Chemistry, Dr. Yau-Hung Chen, introduced the future development and applications of the chemistry discipline to high school students, explaining that chemistry graduates can work in fields such as medicine, semiconductors, materials, and environmental protection. At the same time, Assistant Professor Chung-Hung Hsieh from the Department of Chemistry went beyond everyone's stereotypes of chemistry and explained the university social responsibility practice project (USR) of the chemistry department, combining it with issues related to the Tamsui area. He led high school students to use titration experiments to accurately quantify the amount of vitamin C in our daily diet. From Minglun High School, first-year student Jing-Yu Chang expressed that he was interested in science and therefore signed up for the camp. He felt that the whole day was very fulfilling, and the most impressive experience was doing experiments by himself. Second-year student Hsin-Tsu Peng from Minglun High School also said, "The most unforgettable experience was doing experiments in the university laboratory, which allowed me to have a deeper understanding compared to high school." Especially for the first time at Tamkang University, they felt that the environment was very beautiful. Dr. Chung-Hung Hsieh pointed out that the science camp allowed high school students to have a deeper understanding of the basic concepts and applications of mathematics, physics, and chemistry, and experience related experiments, which can arouse their interest. "Seeing that the students are very engaged, I feel relieved and hope to plant a seed in their hearts so that they will be willing to choose these majors in the future."
College of Business and Management takes high school students to visit the MRT, cultivating their personal brand management To strengthen enrollment, the College of Business and Management 's 6 departments, including Business Administration, Accounting, Transportation Management, Public Administration, Economics, and Information Management, jointly held the "Campus Tour" event on March 11. About 50 high school students from high schools of Bailing, Yangming, Ming Lun, Zhonglun, Dazhi, Xiufeng, Yongchun, Dongshan, Wanfang, Fuxing, Tamkang, and Donggang, as well as Hwa Kang Arts School attended. They visited the Taipei MRT Beitou Depot in the morning and returned to the College of Business and Management in the afternoon to interact and exchange ideas with teachers from various departments. Dean Li-Ren Yang of the College of Business and Management gave a speech on how to manage personal branding, titled "Which major is suitable for me?" He emphasized that a brand image is built up from the details. The faculty of the College of Business and Management teaches students how to increase passive income and control desires, allowing them to save up their first bucket of gold as soon as possible. The College of Business and Management has 12 departments. For this high school camp, multiple departments in the college collaborated to help high school students find their interests, increase their academic stability, understand their own preferences, and find a more suitable major. Chair Chao-Che Hsu of the Department of Transportation Management stated, "When discussing cooperation with the principal of Taipei Municipal Yangming High School, we believed that conducting high school camps through classroom lectures might be too monotonous. Therefore, we arranged a visit to the Beitou MRT Depot to experience and understand the importance of evacuation in a more interesting way." Chair Yong-Sheng Chang of the Department of Business Administration shared, "The visit allowed high school students to understand transportation management and related experiences, as well as management content. In the afternoon, we had the high school students take a personality test to understand which majors they are suitable for. Nowadays, there are many diverse admission channels for students, and each school has many different departments. We hope to help high school students understand how to choose the correct major and have a clearer direction for their future career choices." Chair Chih-Wei Chen of the Department of Public Administration stated that a student from Pingtung was influenced by a public administration alumnus who was their civics teacher. They learned about the camp through the Public Administration Department's Line recruiting community and specifically traveled to the north to attend the camp. The student even invited a friend who attends high school in Taipei to join, which moved Dr. Chen. He was grateful for the positive reputation that alumni have established outside of the school. Yongchun High School student Yong-Ren Hsieh said, "I am interested in transportation management. Visiting the Beitou MRT Depot allowed me to experience something I had never experienced before. The design of the evacuation route was particularly fascinating to me." Yangming High School student Si-Yu Chen explained, "Through Dean Yang's sharing, I have a better understanding of the importance of brand image and also learned about the difference between general economics and industrial economics."

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