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Digital SPROUT Lecture hosted by the Office of Information Services: Dr. Chih-Yung Chang Talked about Using ChatGPT for Positive Learning

On March 15th, the Center for Distance Education Development of the Office of Information Services held the Smart Future GO! Digital Learning Deep Cultivation Lecture, inviting Distinguished Professor Chih-Yung Chang from the Department of Computer and Information Engineering and Mr. Kuan-Hao Liao, Cloud Solution Manager from Public Business Group at Microsoft Taiwan, to speak on the topics of " ChatGPT-A Positive Power in Turning Teaching and Learning " and "Microsoft & Open AI - The Advantages and Opportunities of ChatGPT @Tamkang University," respectively. The lecture attracted a total of 500 online and offline participants from inside and outside the university to learn about the hottest topic of today - "ChatGPT."

Chief Information Officer Chin-Hwa Kuo pointed out that ChatGPT is the most discussed artificial intelligence recently. Discussing its impact on higher education allows the faculty, staff, and students, as well as the alliance partners of the school's “embracing a smart and magnificent future”, to understand, comprehend, and apply AI, thereby promoting digital transformation to enhance teaching, administration, research, and service effectiveness. Academic Vice President Hui-Huang Hsu stated in his speech that "We do not need to fear change and challenges, understanding and making good use of AI is the most important."

In the speech "ChatGPT-A Positive Power in Turning Teaching and Learning," Dr. Chang provided various scenarios in which students and teachers could use ChatGPT, emphasizing the need for teachers to rediscover their own value. Dr. Chang stated that when revolutionary technology emerges, it is inevitable to worry about whether one will be replaced. As students become less reliant on teachers, teachers should stand with students and avoid being in opposition to ChatGPT. Instead, they should view it as a tool for extending knowledge and make good use of it to unleash its positive power, bringing greater benefits to all teachers and students.

In the speech "Microsoft & Open AI - The Advantages and Opportunities of ChatGPT @ Tamkang University," Mr. Kuan-Hao Liao explained the comprehensive collaboration between Tamkang and Microsoft, including future talent development, collaboration of industry, official and academia, and alumni business services, to build a fully cloud-based Campus 2.0. Microsoft hopes to integrate AI technology into school administration, teaching, and research, including building chatbots to solve problems for teachers and students, integrating professional knowledge from various disciplines to add value to the teaching environment, and assisting in paper summarization and research field analysis. Mr. Liao emphasized that in the face of innovative AI technology and teaching in need of transformation, making good use of Open AI technology improves higher efficiency and quality.

During the Q&A session, one audience member asked Dr. Chang, "Do you recommend any other SEO plugins to correct incorrect content for the accuracy of answers provided by ChatGPT?" Another audience member asked Mr. Liao, "Is there a concern for personal privacy leakage when using ChatGPT?" and "Can Open AI's API have a reference value for response reliability in the future?" Both speakers answered one by one: "In the future, if companies and schools upload their internal information, ChatGPT's answers will become more and more accurate", "Microsoft's cloud has legitimate regulatory standards, and customer data is only temporarily stored for 30 days", "Open AI's API is different from Microsoft's, and Microsoft's API design itself has such parameters."

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