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Center for Holistic Education Unveiled, President Keh Expects to Surpass the Lanyang Experience

The Center for Holistic Education established in November of last year held its unveiling ceremony on March 21st in room T1117. The ceremony was jointly unveiled by President Huan-Chao Keh, the Chairperson of the Board, Dr. Flora Chia-Yi Chang, President of Tamkang University Worldwide Alumni Association Chin-Tsai Chen, President of Tamkang University Alumni Association Headquarters of Department Tzu-Hua Chuang, President of Tamkang University Golden Eagle Club Chiang Cheng-Jung, Vice President of Tamkang University Alumni Association Headquarters Tsang-Chiang Chen, and the Academic Vice President and Director of the Center for Holistic Education, Dr. Hui-Huang Hsu. Many school supervisors were present at the event.

Chairperson Flora Chia-I Chang gave a speech after the unveiling, saying "Today marks a new milestone." She recounted that since its establishment in 2005, the Lanyang Campus had pioneered all English-language instruction, full dormitory accommodations, and study abroad programs for all students, making it a distinctive feature of collegiate education in Taiwan. She mentioned that the Ministry of Education had once hoped Tamkang to replicate the Lanyang experience in Tamsui, and the current fifth wave is the perfect opportunity. The 3 conveners of the Center for Holistic Education - Executive Secretary and Convener of the Whole-Person Development Curriculum Working Group, Dr. Cheng-Hao Pao (Dean of the International Affairs College), Convener of the Full-Residential College Activities Working Group, Shih-Jung Wu (Dean of Student Affairs), and Convener of the Study Abroad Counseling Working Group, Chien-Mu Yeh (Dean of International Affairs) - had all previously taught at the Lanyang Campus and were therefore the most appropriate choices for their positions. Chairperson Chang also expressed her hope that the unveiling ceremony would mark a good start and that the whole-person education model would truly take root at Tamkang University.

President Keh pointed out in his speech that when Lanyang Campus was established in 2005, Tamkang University not only pioneered the Three-All Education model but also proposed the Second S-curve, which became the starting point for Tamkang's entry into the fourth wave of development. These initiatives were closely linked to Tamkang's culture of the Three Circles and Five Disciplines, and the Three Objectives of Education, which have now evolved into the school's development direction of "glocalization, intelligent cloud, and sustainable future." President Keh also mentioned that the Three-All Education model at Lanyang Campus had repeatedly won praise from the MOE's grant review committee as an important teaching feature. As Tamkang enters the fifth wave of development, which goes beyond the Lanyang-Campus era, it is even more important to surpass the previous achievements. Mr. Chin-Tsai Chen, speaking on behalf of the alumni, expressed his excitement and said, "I hope that the transplantation of this seedling of education to Tamsui will become a big tree in the future."

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