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Seminar + Workshop: Laying the Foundation for the Competencies of New Faculty Members

New Faculty Seminar, Supplementing Tamkang's New Energy

On August 31st, the Office of Human Resources held the " New Faculty Seminar for 2023 Academic Year." President Huan-Chao Keh, three Vice Presidents, Deans of the colleges to which the new faculty members belong, and first-level supervisors of relevant administrative offices attended the seminar, along with 14 newly appointed full-time faculty members. In the morning, there were thematic presentations and comprehensive discussions, while the afternoon was dedicated to instructional courses provided by the Office of Information Services, including training on the use of the "iClass Learning Platform" and "Microsoft Teams" to assist faculty in learning and becoming familiar with the tools, preparing for remote teaching.

President Keh firstly congratulated the new faculty members for successfully entering Tamkang University under a rigorous selection process. He expressed the hope that through the seminar, they could quickly integrate into the university, gain an understanding of the school's key development directions and "Tamkang culture," and grasp the support and resources provided by the university administration. He then explained the university's key focuses on "digital transformation" and "net-zero transformation" in its school affairs. President Keh encouraged the faculty members to fully incorporate these elements into innovative teaching methods, nurture the concept of interdisciplinary learning among students, and enhance learning outcomes. Lastly, he expressed his hope for the faculty members to assist in the enrollment activities of their respective departments and support the sustainable development of the university.

During the meeting, there were 8 thematic presentations arranged to help teachers understand the overview of university development, their own rights and obligations, as well as relevant considerations. Following that, a documentary film about the founder, Dr. Clement C.P. Chang, titled "To the Future You: The Education Chapter," was screened. This film elucidated Dr. Chang's educational philosophy and served as a reminder for teachers to reflect on their initial teaching aspirations and future directions. The comprehensive discussion session was moderated by President Keh, during which supervisors of relevant offices addressed pertinent questions and offered suggestions. President Keh concluded by expressing his hope that teachers, while emphasizing teaching, would also continue their research endeavors. The university encourages research through various incentives and looks forward to teachers actively engaging in research and applying for rewards.

New Faculty Teaching Workshop, Laying the Foundation for Teaching Competence

On September 5th, the Office of Academic Affairs' Center for Teacher Professional Development held the "New Faculty Teaching Workshop for 2023 Academic Year" at the Chueh-Sheng Building, with the participation of 14 new faculty members. Dr. Tzong-Ru Tsai, the Dean of Academic Affairs, explained that the workshop was designed to assist new faculty members in enhancing their teaching skills, ensuring a good start to their teaching careers.

Dr. Li-Chun Li, the Director of the Center for Teacher Professional Development, spoke on the theme "Teaching Matters at Tamkang," highlighting that university faculty members have responsibilities not only in teaching but also in research and counseling and service. She then provided explanations and recommendations regarding topics such as "teaching planning," "teaching assessment," "teaching workshops," "teaching awards and grants," and "teaching research and promotion," suggesting that teachers can plan and prepare accordingly based on their individual needs or interests. The workshop featured presentations by Prof. Yen-Ling Lin from the Department of Economics, Prof. Yi-Hsuan Wang from the Department of Educational Technology, and Associate Prof. Min-Fen Tu from the Department of Business Administration. They shared their experiences in teaching methods, technology support, and instructional design, along with practical activities to help new faculty members validate their teaching approaches and prepare for the upcoming semester.

SDGs: #SDG4 Quality Education

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