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Class 2027: New Student Exclusive Digital Promotional Platform

The Center for Distance Education Development has tailored a digital promotional platform called "Class 2027 Fresh Information" (URL: specifically for the new students using MS 365's SharePoint. It provides continuously updated and rolling notifications about the latest information technology updates. New students can log in to this platform using their MS 365 accounts, which are in the format "" For the first login, the default password is "Tku+YYYYMMDD," where "YYYYMMDD" represents the student's Western birthdate (11 digits). This platform serves as an informative and welcoming hub for new students.

School has started, and the platform has prepared three valuable pieces of information for new students, including "Living at Tamkang: Tamkang iLife," "Going to Class: iClass Learning Platform," and "Online Learning: MS Teams." Through these information-rich resources, new students are assisted in adapting to campus life more quickly.

SDGs: #SDG3 Good Health and Well-Being #SDG4 Quality Education #SDG17 Partnerships for the Goals

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