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During the summer time, the Chorus group with other 7 students clubs went respectively to Taipei county, Nantou, Tainan, Changhua, Hsinchu, to do community services. Tsai Chen-huei, sophomore of Civil Engineering department and member of Entertainment and Service Club, surprisingly won the favor by all children when they happily put stickers of favor on his face. Likewise, he even received text messages from a little girl, saying “brother Chen-huei, will you come again next year?”

Members of Entertainment and Service Club went to Shennan Temple in Shuangsi Village as staffs for Buddhist studying camp, leading elementary school students from 3rd graders to5th graders for 4 nights and 5 days of activities. To motivate the children’s concentration on the activities, they used the rewarding system to encourage all students to participate in all activities. One of the reward was to kiss Tsai Chen-huei, which surprisingly was the most popular award to all these students. They were so happy that they fight for the chance to give answers. Suddenly, all the other rewards such as snacks or candies were not as popular as this one any more. The team leader Huang Hsin-yao called him “kids magnet.”

The other severn groups, including Chorus, Chinese Instrument Club, Environment Protecting Group, Changhua Alumni Association Sevice Team, Culture Foundation Service Group, Pu Yi Volunteer Group, Chih Ching Club, provided services to various places during summer vacation. They took care of vegetatives and collected receipts or donations from people. Pu Yi Volunteer Group went to Creation Social Welfare Foundation. The insturctor, Ms. Chang Yu-jung indicated that many group members learned a lot and experienced the love from society. (~Shen-chian Chu)

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