NO. 615



◎Yang Ying, Chair of Committee of Teaching Evaluation: Tamkang's authority, teachers and students are all empowered by the results of evaluation. Owing to school authority's full support and teachers and students' efforts, Tamkang makes brilliant records in the items of professional fields and administration in the group of private universities (including the Fujen Univ. and the Donghai Univ.). Since 1980s, Tamkang has established her own system for evaluating school affairs. Even if the Ministry of Education does not evaluate individual universities, Tamkang's self-evaluation will ensue to examine and maintain high qualities of learning and administration of her own.

◎Chen Kan-nan, Director of Office of Research and Development: "Tamkang is not secondary to Taiwan Univ. or Chinghua; she is the top!" Tamkang does not limit her goals within the prospect of a private university; she is no less excellent than national universities. Tamkang's competitive edges include: 1. good environment (proximity to the urban area, convenience of traffic, intimate contact with urban culture, and rural serenity); 2. a fifty-year's long school history; 3. students' spirits of patience, security, cooperation and solidarity; 4. a huge number of alumni (a so-called "Tamkang faction" has been composed by many graduates in the past fifty years).

◎Chao Ya-ly, Dean of College of Liberal Arts: Tamkang's achievements in the education of liberal arts and social sciences are a rare phenomenon in all universities in Taiwan. Different departments acquire more opportunities for dialogues through the interdisciplinary integration. Moreover, College of Liberal Arts has a long tradition with promising developments. Old departments have excellent faculties, organizations and teaching performances because of their long histories, while new departments bring the energy to the tradition. Most private universities, though able to compete with national universities with respect to hardware and resources, can dispense with the rigid system of national universities and take flexible steps in response to various situations. "I think Tamkang looks to a future of depth and delicacy, taking humanistic interactivity as her central goal."

◎Chen Hwei-mei, Director of International Exchange and Education: We have to ascribe the excellent results of evaluation to the insight of Founder Clement C. P. Chang, who initiated Tamkang's internationalization for a long time ago, and teachers and students' full participations.


◎Chen Kan-nan, Director of Office of Research and Development: recruiting more teachers, improving research environments, enhancing the interchange among teachers of different fields, creating a campus without cars.

◎Chen Hwei-mei, Director of International Exchange and Education: The number of exchange students should be increased to develop students' international perspectives and their competitive opportunities and advantages.


◎Lin Hui-shuang, a freshman's mother: "Choosing Tamkang is right!" Lin Hui-shuang, mother of Pang Cheng-chun, who enters Department of Software Engineering, lanyan Campus, this semester, thinks that Department of Software Engineering with its brand new apparatuses and calm environment is a good place for study. She feels fully released to send her child to Tamkang; she believes his future will be different after four years.

◎Parent of a freshman from Department of Educational Technology: Mother of Lee Ro-hsuan, freshman from Department of Educational Technology, says, "I used to attend computer courses at Taipei Campus, and I am quite satisfied with the quality of Tamkang's teaching and service. I am especially impressed with Tanmkang's devotion to information technology and staff's sincerity of service."


◎Lin Hui-shuang, a freshman's mother: It is a pity that life in Tamsui is not as convenient as in Taipei. Students have to take school buses everyday; therefore, the number of runs should be increased. The all-English teaching environment at Lanyan Campus is helpful to students with good competence, but it may intimidate those with poor English.

◎Parent of a freshman from Department of Educational Technology: Lee Ro-husan's mother complains about the life around Tamsui Campus. She wishes that the school improves the old apparatuses of girls' dormitory, and the narrow alleys and disorderly housing around the campus.


◎Lin Chia-chun, Chair of Students Congress: Compared with universities in central Taiwan, Tamkang enjoys more geographical advantages and access to newest information. Tamkang's complete supports and enhancements of campus construction, hardware apparatuses and teaching resources are the main cause for winning the leading position in this university evaluation.

◎Fang Tzi-liang, Chair of Society of Business and Management: Every Tamkang's student feels proud of the excellent results of evaluation.

◎Hsu Wei-ning, Freshman of Department of Electrical Engineering, Bachelor's programs: Recently "Forerunner," the voice-controlled mechanical soccer player, wins several prizes, a proof of Tamkang's research achievements; Tamkang's fame becomes more widespread, which is a positive factor attracting more students to study at Tamkang. When he acquired the qualifications of entering Haiyang, Fujen and Tamkang at the same time, he felt hesitant about which university to choose. After he visited Professor Wong Ching-chang, Department of Electrical Engineering, he understood Tamkang's excellent faculty and devotion to researches; therefore, he finally chose Tamkang. Knowing the results of evaluation, Hsu Wei-ning felt very excited and proudly told his mother: "See, my choice of Tamkang is right!"

◎Hsu Chun-ning, Freshman from Department of International Trade: "In my visit to Tamkang, I felt amazed about the complete and new computer software and hardware, the computer labs opening 24 hours, and the grand, beautiful library! I believe that the English courses divided with different levels will greatly enhance my English competence."


◎Lin Chia-chun, Chair of Students Congress: School should hold various activities to better students' interactions with administrative divisions and understanding of various information.

◎Fang Tzi-liang, Chair of Society of Business and Management: He suggests that Tamkang invites her sister universities around the world to the 55th anniversary this year to amplify their recognition of Tamkang. But he is worried that apparatuses will become deficient because students at lanyan Campus study at Tamsui Campus this semester, and the resources at the four campuses will not be used equally. He hopes that school can pay more attention to this situation.


◎Tzeng Rong-hua, General Secretary of the Alumni Society of Department of Chemistry: Recently many universities change their styles of management, and students are provided with more choices; the results of university evaluation have virtually become freshmen's index to choosing schools. He encourages juniors that "studying hard at Tamkang is the only way for not being excluded by the society and job market."

◎Nien Keng-hao, alumni of Department of Mass Communication: Tamkang's ranking is always brilliant in the past university evaluations, which secures the popularity of Tamkang's graduates among enterprises. The results of this evaluation will continue Tamkang's competitive edges.


Tzeng Rong-hua, General Secretary of the Alumni Society of Department of Chemistry: School should amplify alumni's communication and the function of the alumni society to solidify alumni's devotion to Tamkang.

The Ministry of Education once claimed that the results of evaluation would be announced for students' references before they chose where to study, but that did not happen finally. However, Tamkang's excellent performance in the evaluation testifies student's right choices; students' parents and teachers also feel proud of that. With the positive recognition from the Ministry of Education, chiefs of academic affairs are happy to see the fruit of their efforts. Though labeled as "the top of private universities," Tamkang should not feel contented with the status quo; instead, she should develop a clear view to her position in the universities in Taiwan and a unique "Tamkang fame," growing to a brighter future through all teachers and students' efforts. (~ Han-yu Huang )