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To increase the efficiency of learning, TKU has urged teachers to use “Teaching Resources Platform.” In addition to the school-hosted platforms, some departments, including Department of Information Engineering Management, Educational Technology, and The Center for Teacher Education have hosted their platforms, websites, or FTP sever for uploading assignment and downloading handouts, and are widely appreciated by students.

Courses by Dept. Educational Technology have started to use the platform resources, “Masters of Wisdom”〈〉, including “Research Methodology,” “Curriculum Development.” Visitors who log on the website can check syllabi, modify personal information, update learning achievement. The course area encompasses three sections: Content, Information, Interaction. When you get into this area, you can download reading materials, join in a quiz, and hand in assignment. The Information section provides latest news, grade result, and grade ranking. The Interaction section contains open discussion and group discussion forums. Wen Yu-ling, a senior of Dept. of Educational Technology, praises that “because the “Masters of Wisdom” platform is very resourceful and well-organized, students feel very convenient in using it.”

Prof. Chang Ya-fang of The Center for Teacher Education has hosted “Open Web Classroom” 〈〉, which includes bulletin board, teaching materials, assignments, grade, discussion forum, personal information, resources, and playing ground. The incorporated recourses include translating machine, email addresses, and e-post. The playing ground supplies games such as tetris, five pawns, and graph puzzles. In the assignment section, registered students can upload homework, check deadline and grade result.

Tseng Yu-wen, a junior of Dept. of Chinese, who takes Prof. Chang’s course, “Teaching Materials and Media,” feels pleased with the teaching platform: “I feel very comfortable and close to the teacher because the professor will remind students to hand in assignment in time with email, and I can hand in my assignment outside of the class period.” It is very easy for students to register, because the account and password is the same as the student number. Dr. Chang asks her students to download the reading materials and prepare before attending her class.

Prof. Wei Shih-chieh of Dept. of Information Management uses the same platform to motivate his students through online discussions. Chen Yu-cheng, second year of master program and one of Prof. Wei’s students, praises the discussion board for the use of different colors to indicate repetitive terms and codes. (~ Chi-szu Chen )

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