NO. 621


According to the administrative announcement (August 1, 2005), there are six teachers promoted this semester. Among them, four are promoted from associate professor to full professor, including Professor Chang Cheng-liang (Dept. of Chemical and Materials Engineering), Hsieh Ching-tang (Dept. of Electrical Engineering), Chen Ching-hsian (Dept. of Aerospace Engineering), and Wu Chin-chuan (Dept. of Statistics), and two are from assistant professor to associate professor, including Professor Jou Chi-chang (Dept. of Information Management ), and Chang Ching-gwo (Dept. of Russian).

Dr. Chen Ching-hsiang (Dept. of Aerospace Engineering) is approved of his professorship for his submitted 13 publications. He said, “During the time for publishing these papers, I was the chair of the department. It was a really busy and heavy job to take good care of teaching, research, and administration at the same time. And TKU is very serious in scrutinizing the publication, so it takes a longer time to get promotion here. I am very pleased to do it.”

Dr. Chang Cheng-liang (Dept. of Chemical and Materials Engineering), a TKU alumnus, has been a hardworking teacher for 20 years. He confesses the difficulty of doing both teaching and research well. Presently Dr. Chang has instructed a couple of Ph. D. students. In addition to his teaching and research, Dr. Hsieh Ching-tang (Dept. of Electrical Engineering) works as the Section Chief of Guidance Section, Office of Student Affairs. Dr. Wu Chin-chuan, former chair of Dept. of Statistics, makes himself as a good example for his colleague. (~ Chi-szu Chen )