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Biochemistry science researching is currently the most popular subject in the world.

Tamkang’s Life Science Development Center is doing researches about lactic acid bacteria and Bacillus natto and so forth to produce health food. “The ferment on chitosan and tea leaf waste with monacolin” is one of the patented products just completed and waited for pricing.

Dr. Wang San-Lang, the director of Life Science Development, states that lactic acid bacteria has been proved with high beneficial effect on human health. The enzyme produced by Bacillus natto can dissolve thrombus through experiments. He uses monacolin to dissolve chitosan and tea leaf waste, also applies them on vegetables, fruit and flowers preservation and deodorant. This could also dissolve odors in refrigerator, shoe cabinet, and car. The research is looking for professionals to join the reproduction.

For the practice of kitchen waste classification in Lanyang campus, Wang San-Lang also points out that application of monacolin can be used to prevent the kitchen waste from being stinking. The monacolin after fermenting tea leaves also can be used for fertilizing organic vegetables and fruit.

Besides, Wang San-Lang points out that we have a lot of opportunities to discover ocean resources and researches in the future because Tamkang’s two campuses are located by the ocean. “Chitosan” extracted from shrimps, crabs and clams can be very useful. Life Science Development Center is cooperating with Tan-Wei Biochemistry Company to develop anti-tumor medication from chitosan. “The prospect of developing biochemistry science is unlimited” Dr. Wang stresses. (~ Johnny Chu )

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